How to change your email, username or password | Polarr Support

How to change your email, username or password

Looking to change your email address, username, or password? You can manage your account by going to settings in Polarr Photo Editor. The section of the app where you manage your account is the same whether you're on iOS, Android, Mac, Windows 10, Chrome or the web.

1) Go to settings

Navigate to the settings section of the Polarr app.

2) Swipe or click to account

Once in settings, you'll see two tabs. By default, you'll be in the settings tab, but there's an account tab you'll want to go to.

3) Update your info

Here you'll see the option to log out, change your email, change your username, or change your password. Note, you can't select an email or username that's already being used in Polarr.

That's it! It's easy to update your account information.