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Download Polarr Photo Editor

Here's how you can learn to set up Polarr Photo Editor on nearly any device you own.

Install for iOS

On iOS, you just need to download Polarr from the App Store. You can unlock all the pro features of Polarr through an in-app purchase. If you purchased Polarr elsewhere, you can just go to settings within the iOS app and sign in to unlock those purchases on your iPhone or iPad.

Polarr Photo Editor on Apple App Store

Install for Mac

We have two apps available in the Mac App Store. Download the full-priced version of the app if you haven't purchased Polarr anywhere else before. Otherwise, anyone who has already purchased Polarr can just download the 'lite' version and sign in with their account under settings. This will unlock all pro features.

Downloaded the full-priced version? Go to settings and create your Polarr Pro account.

Polarr Photo Editor Mac on App Store Polarr Photo Editor Lite on Mac App Store

Install for Android

Like iOS, we only have one app available on the Play Store. You can install it and sign in under settings to unlock your purchases from other platforms. Otherwise, we also offer an in-app purchase to go pro and get all the pro features of Polarr.

Polarr Photo Editor on Google Play Store

Install for Windows 10

Like Mac, we have two versions of Polarr in the Microsoft Store. Only buy the full priced version if you haven't yet unlocked Polarr on other platforms. If this is your first time with the app, go ahead and get it. Otherwise, the free version of Polarr in the Microsoft Store also offers an in-app purchase to get everything. Or go to settings and sign in with your account to unlock all pro features.

Polarr Photo Editor Pro on Microsoft Store Polarr Photo Editor on Microsoft Store

Install for ChromeOS

Rocking a Chromebook? Hit up the link below to install Polarr Photo Editor on your device. We offer an in-app purchase to unlock everything. Otherwise, you can just go to settings and sign in with your Polarr Pro account.

Polarr Photo Editor on Chrome Web Store

Access with your browser

We built Polarr Photo Editor with a lot of tech technologies. So we figured it would only be right that you can access the photo editor no matter which device you're on.

Polarr Photo Editor online

Install for Linux

Linux friends! We support you!

Polarr Photo Editor for Linux